Guide For Buyers

Your home is the most important purchase you will ever make. It’s vital you get it right.

Keller Williams agents have unrivalled expertise in their local markets, and will advise you on every aspect of the buying process and how to find the right home within your budget.

Our agents are committed to making the process of moving home as easy as possible for both the buyer and the seller. When you view a property alongside a Keller Williams agent you will understand the difference. Honesty, integrity and expertise are the hallmarks of our approach.

Are you ready to buy?

Before you start your homebuying journey, there are important factors to consider. Start by asking yourself:

- What do I need from my new home?
- What would be great to have but I could compromise on?
- Am I targeting my search on the right location?
- What is a realistic budget?
- Do I have my finances in place?
- When could I realistically complete on a purchase?
- How long will it take to sell my current property if I need to?

Our agents can provide guidance and work with you to find your next home. Take a look at our current properties or contact us to register as a buyer with a local agent.



"The key to making an offer is doing your research and being transparent. Spend time in the local area and visit the property two or three times. Then make a fair offer based on previous local sales – if your offer is out of sync with what’s happening in the local market, it won’t be taken seriously.

You then need to demonstrate to the agent that you are ready to buy and won’t pull out after making the offer. Make your offer in writing, stating clearly your timescales and your reasons for the price you have offered. If you are buying with a mortgage always arrange this before making an offer, so that you can prove you are ready to move and have all of your finances in place."

Tom Barry, Keller Williams UK


Buying Agents

At Keller Williams we have a number of specialist buying agents who can help you to find the right property in the UK and act on your behalf. We have particular expertise in working with international buyers. For more information on our buying agents, get in touch with us.